Move Over #FirstWorldProblems, Our World Problems Come First

ourworldproblemsSome of us are really lucky.  Some people live such great lives that their common complaints, considered “First World Problems”, have become second nature.  “It’s too cold for November.  I have to walk through the snow.  My iPhone broke.  My wi-fi is too slow.  Netflix isn’t working.  I hate driving in traffic.  Facebook changed something.”  Seriously.  Go to Twitter (or Hashtagr, created by some fellow Illini at UIUC) and search #FirstWorldProblems and just look at what some people complain about.  What terrible lives we have!

And then there are the other “worlds”.  Facing poverty, hunger, disease, and war, among other issues.  These guys aren’t complaining about trivial things and are just happy to be alive.  They struggle to survive or just live a simple life because it is all they are able to do.  Unfortunately for some people and some countries, there is nothing they can do.  And that sucks.  For those in developed countries and others that live rich, lavish lives, most of their concerns are #FirstWorldProblems.  And that’s sad.  Instead, those that are capable should think of certain issues that others face as OUR WORLD problems.[Continue Reading]

Thank You, Paper


Image from NBC and

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite shows to watch at night, and Jimmy’s done some pretty great stuff on that show.  One of my favorite segments that he does is write “Thank You Notes”.  If you haven’t seen it, Fallon jokingly “writes” thank you notes to random people or things, usually about stuff that were recently in the news.

As a tribute to Jimmy’s segment, I wanted to do something similar, but instead thank the inanimate object we all know as paper.  Here at PrintEco, our goal is to save paper and reduce printing waste, so you may accidentally think that we’re against using paper.  But it’s just the opposite!  We think paper is great!  The problem is when it gets wasted from inefficient use and just ends up being garbage (and sometimes *gasp* not recycled).  Saving paper is our goal, because when used right, and in my opinion, paper might be one of the greatest inventions ever made by humans.  Paper has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years and I think we should be thankful that we’ve had the luxury of having it in our lives.[Continue Reading]

Save Paper Menus: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Domtar News-On-Paper

Mmm…food.  Food = restaurants.  Restaurant…news?  Just a few days after I read out about Domtar’s “News-On-Paper” initiative, where restaurants in Washington, D.C. began putting news headlines on printed receipts, I saw a story about saying “Goodbye … [Continue reading]

7 Small Changes You Can Make to Help the Environment


Have you heard the phrase, It’s the little things?  Or maybe, Big things come in small packages?  Or like in baseball where sometimes you try to play small ball, or in other sports where you try to chip away at big deficits when you’re behind to try … [Continue reading]

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